Thursday, March 1, 2018


Dick hiked several Arizona trails this winter to stay in shape
 and also worked hard at getting his pack weight down to around 15 lbs plus food, water and fuel. 
Here is a recent blog he wrote about his gear
Dick has decided to return to the Pacific Crest Trail and hike the area where he left off last March (see previous blog). This year is a low snow year so he's counting on good trail. He's hiking 400 miles north to south beginning at Walker Pass.  He flew out today from Phoenix to Bakersfield, CA where he caught a shuttle up to Lake Isabella for the night. He couldn't put his fuel canisters on the plane so he shipped them to the Lake Isabella post office (lots of paperwork be legal). Tomorrow he'll catch another shuttle to Walker Pass, which is just below the Sierra Nevada Mtns.
It was hard last year when he had to give up on the hike. His goal was to hike all the way to Canada. Whenever Dick does any long distance hikes I feel just as much a part of it, even though I'm not doing the walking, so I was diappointed too. All the months of planning and all the logistics put into preparing for the hike, and then after nearly 250 miles having to drop out was difficult for both of us. Although I must admit I was relieved that he wasn't going to attempt to hike through more dangerous snow areas. This time when he said he'd like to continue the hike I decided I would stay in Arizona, camped near my mom and friends. That made it a bit easier for us doing it this way, although it's harder being so far away in case he needs help.
When he left he said good-bye to BOO and apologized that he couldn't take him as his "emotional support animal" on the flight. He told me not to worry if I don't hear from him for 4 or 5 days after Lake Isabella because he may not have reception.  He has finally agreed to using a satellite locator beacon if he decides after this 400 miles to continue north. I didn't convince him in time for this trip.

Our beautiful backyard for most of this winter and where I decided to stay while Dick is hiking. 

I had to do an RV101 refresher course, learning again how to back-in, level, dump and fill. One lesson I learned was to make sure you put a rock on the end of the sewer hose when you dump. Dick was showing me how and forgot that part and s---- went everywhere. Fortunately, we were the only ones at the dump station. Glad it was him and not me.  😛

Red shows the section Dick hiked last March - 246 miles from the border at Campo north 
to about 20 miles south of Big Bear.
Pink shows where he's hiking now - Walker Pass south to where he left off last year.

I have given Dick the assignment to send me photos and info from the trail. So I will continue to keep you posted with blog updates when I have more to share.

Two different groups came in to camp here this weekend - Vintage RVs and Teardrops. I've been invited to join in around the campfire each evening while they're here. Sounds like a great plan. 

This is actually a 2017 replica of a 1930's Airstream - cost around $100,000

Mid-50's model

Homemade Teardrop

Of course this photo was not taken here in the desert!
It was taken 3 yrs ago at Glacier National Park. I wanted to add it because it's one of my
neighbors right now!  The man told me it's a 1950's model truck, 1950's model Airstream
and his wife is also a 1950's model.

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  1. Looking forward to reading all about the hike, as well as other news. Love those campers.