Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Wow - it's already been a month since my last travel update. We just left Washington and are now heading down the Oregon coast along Hwy 101. We've traveled this route many times but always south to north. The views are so much more spectacular going south. Maybe because I can see better riding on the shoulder side looking down on all the amazing views from the motorhome. 

Our campsite where I'm writing this blog and  only $10/nite. Can you find the motorhome?
While visiting Maggie in Seattle we decided we would stay on the less populated Olympic Peninsula. So the Escapee park in Chimacum, WA was the perfect place to stay. It would take about 2 hrs to her place by car and ferry. Plus it was only about a 45 minute drive to Olympic National Park so Dick could enjoy some backpacking. It was extra nice to be at the "SKP" park because TC friends, Dean and Diane Tobias were also staying there. They say we're following them because we met up with them in September in Glacier National Park where they were camp hosts. We love following them. We have so much fun together.

Dean and Diane Tobias

Diane fascinated with Dick testing out quick ways to cook an omelette with his backpacking stove.

Joan and Phil Richardson, more friends from home, just happened to be passing through Port Angeles so we enjoyed a few hours with them before they caught the ferry to Vancouver Island, B.C.

Enjoying the views at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park with the Richardsons
I really loved the town of Port Townsend, which was only a few miles from us. They still use all the old Victorian buildings dating back to the 19th century. It's as if you've stepped back in time. When I saw the beautiful Rose Theater in town and the movie A WALK IN THE WOODS was playing, we just had to go. The movie was great and the theater was amazing. Also, there was a wonderful farmer's market on Saturday mornings. We were told by a local to make sure we got there right when it opens and get in line for a croissant. Best he'd ever tasted since visiting France. We bought two to eat right then and two for the next day. We had no willpower and ate all four right then.

The Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Port Townsend

The little yellow front building in the middle is the Rose Theater and the building to the right is an extension of the theater with a restaurant below and the Starlight Room on the third floor with a beautiful view.

The Starlight Room looked fun. You sit in comfy chairs and you can even order food and drink while watching a movie. Maybe next year.

One day while driving through the Chimacum countryside we passed Egg and I Rd. I Googled it to find that this was where the farm was located where Betty McDonald lived. She wrote a humorous memoir about her life as a newlywed trying to acclimate and operate a small chicken farm with her husband. 

Visiting Maggie was always interesting. She took advantage of having our wheels and drove us around doing errands. We didn't care what we did we just enjoyed being with her. She is happy to be back in Seattle.
Maggie's boyfriend, Tom Wick, was visiting a week during the time we were there. So we had the chance to spend some time with him. This was his first time in Seattle and he loved it. His brother also lives there and they enjoyed being together. Tom had a job with Shoreline Aviation all summer in Connecticut and from now through December he's back working for them in St. Croix, V.I. He's working hard accumulating the flying hours needed to get his Captain's license and they're both hoping eventually he can get a job flying in Seattle.

Dick and Tom 

I love being with my daughter!
Maggie and Tom  

We had a few car problems which Dick can't wait to tell you about. He makes it very entertaining to say the least. 

"Transmission for My Birthday"

Yes, BOO is still enjoying our travels - we are on to California to visit family