Saturday, March 17, 2012


Dick was born into a traveling family. This was what his
parents lived in for awhile when his dad had to relocate
for his job. 

Here's a better picture of the travel trailer. This is his mom
and brother Tom taken not too long before Dick was born. 

Dick's grandparents were the first to buy an

Then Dick's parents bought a 1957 Airstream when
Dick was around seven and they spent many years
traveling around the U.S.

When Dick graduated from high school (1968) he bought this
1964 Suburban, and traveled that summer out west.

In 1977, we'd been married 3 years and wanted to travel for a year.
We bought this Olds Custom Cruiser and 1963, 27 ft Avion
and ended up working our way around the country for
nearly eight years.

In 1981 we sold the Olds station wagon and bought Dick's dad's
1966 Suburban. His dad was concerned about
its condition and said we could buy it as long as
we didn't take it out of Acme. We
drove the Alcan Hwy to Alaska that summer.

At one point we sold our Avion and bought a 31 ft Airstream.
We traveled many years and continued up into Maggie's
early childhood.

In 1997, Doubleday sent us on a booksigning tour through
the west. We bought a 27 ft, 1989 Jayco Motorhome for this trip.
We enjoyed it for 15 years. One of our most memorable
trips was the time Dick walked from Mexico to Canada, 3200 miles
along the Continental Divide Trail. 

Now that we're retired and live in our motorhome more,
we've been wanting one with slideouts to give us more room.
We found this one in July in Traverse City
and it had everything on our list. We decided we'd think
about it for awhile. Then after Christmas we contacted
the sellers, thinking for sure it was sold and we could
get it off our minds. It was still available but the owners
had moved it to Topeka, KS where they relocated.  We bought it and in
mid February we loaded our Saturn with everything we needed, including the
 two cats, and drove 16 hours to pick it up. We were half way to
Arizona so we hitched the Saturn to the "Mother Ship" and kept on going.
It has been a comfortable and enjoyable winter of travel through the