Tuesday, November 11, 2014


As much as possible we steer away from expressways. We are on no time schedule and traveling the backroads is much more interesting. Along our route south from Red Bluff, Ca. we traveled through miles of olive orchards. They are very hardy: drought, disease and fire resistant. The perfect crop to grow in California. We've seen the effects of the drought and the fires in our travels here. 

We were heading to visit my family near Auburn, Ca. This was our second time this year. In May we parked our RV in my sister's yard for two weeks. This time we stayed nearly three. They make it too nice for us. It's a great camping spot. 

It was back to the old grind. Dick worked for our brother-in-law in May and again this time. Dick grinds steel parts for the giant commercial pumps Pat manufactures. CUSTOM PUMP AND POWER. 

When they weren't working they were out hunting or fishing. Dick is not a hunter but the hike in the Sierra mountains was beautiful.

Ling Cod

Not sure what this one is. Dick calls it a "big-ass" goldfish

 They waited for a day when the ocean was calm to head for the coast to set crab traps and fish in Bodega Bay. The week before a boat capsized there because of a high "sneaker" wave and four people drown

Dick's not a fisherman either, he doesn't even like to eat fish, but sharing the experience with Pat was great. He always says, if cows could swim he'd be a fisherman.

They brought back 30 dungeness crab, boiled them and put them on ice for the night. The next day while Pat was at work Kathy, Dick and I cracked them and scooped out the meat. It was a smelly and messy job that I did not enjoy. Maybe I'll want to eat crab again someday but right now I lost my taste for it.

 My sister takes care of her granddaughter, Haidyn, twice a week. I enjoyed going along to help. 

Niece, Julia, with her husband Patrick and Haidyn who was born when we visited in May.

                          My brother, Joel, at work in between printing jobs. 

Joel is a great cook and has good taste in food. He took us to this place in Auburn for lunch! Yes, that's the real name and it was truly Pho King good.

  Nephew Matthew and his wife, Chelsey.  
I flew back to CA for their August wedding. I just had to share a photo from their special day.

"Go Ahead. Make my day!"
Boo loved the visit from Chelsey's dog Pixie. Boo misses Funny Face and liked having another animal around.  I don't think Pixie was so sure about Boo.  Several of you have asked about Funny Face. She traveled with us for several years. Unfortunately, she had cancer. She is buried at home in our animal cemetery.

One thing I miss about home is our wonderful State Theater. When I was invited to go to the theater in historic downtown Grass Valley to see the The Met opera, CARMEN, I jumped at the chance. The Del Oro theater was built in 1940 by United Artists. 

We decided to continue south exploring more of California this year since the gas prices are below $3.00/gallon. Interesting how our thoughts change over the years. Below is a picture taken in 1979 when we traveled to Arizona. 

I took the 1979 picture because "no one would believe how expensive gas is here."
Now, in 2014 we're happy to see "how low gas prices are here." In May we paid 4.99/gal.

On to more gold country!

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