Thursday, July 11, 2013


My parents continued traveling north with us all the way to Glacier National Park. From Durango, CO we visited Dinosaur National Monument.  QUARRY TOUR  After taking the tour of the quarry we all agreed it was too hot to stay at the campground so we headed to a higher elevation for a night in the very NE corner of Utah along the Flaming Gorge. This National Recreation Area is shared with the state of Wyoming.

Watching the deer and antelope under the blue skies and wide open spaces of Wyoming, I couldn't help but burst out singing, "Home, Home, on the Range." 

We stayed in a quiet campground near historical South Pass City and Atlantic City. Two small frontier towns built in the 1800s as a result of a gold mining boom. The Oregon Trail passed just north of South Pass City and the wagon tracks are still visible today. We stayed here in 1999 when Dick hiked the Continental Divide trail which passes through South Pass City a popular mail drop for the long-distance hikers.

We traveled to Dubois, Wyoming to talk with the Forest Service. Dick was hoping enough years had passed that something had been done to build a trail from Union Pass to Togwotee Pass for CDT hikers. He hoped to hike this new trail.  He talked to a ranger who had been funded all last summer to route a trail through this area, but he said there is no money to build it.  So Dick would have to follow Forest Service roads. He hates road walking so he scratched those plans and we continued on to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

US 26 West of Dubois, WY

We camped near Jackson Lake

So Dick again made plans to do some backpacking along the backside of the Teton Mtn. Range. I was hoping I was finally going to get my alone time. He was told by two different sources that the trail was still under snow in areas and he could lose the trail easily and he would need an ice axe in some areas. He decided against attempting it. So we traveled the park enjoying the beautiful views, animal watching and day hiking. 
This has been an interesting trip from Durango, Colorado to Glacier National Park. We have experienced fires in Colorado, snow in the high country, high winds and hail in Yellowstone, crowds in the National Parks, plus there were postings everywhere warning visitors of the Norovirus that was affecting visitors in both of these parks.  Norovirus News 

Bison, Bison everywhere!
Yellowstone Falls
We camped over the 4th of July at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone.
It was packed with people and the elk with their young enjoyed the town too.

The highlight of our stay in Yellowstone was soaking in the Boiling River. 
The hot and cold water mix along the river's edge and it was the best!!

We are so happy to have reached Glacier National Park. We both love this place. If I hadn't had this beautiful place to look forward to we would have been on our way home by now. Dick will for sure get his hiking fix over the next few weeks and me some much needed alone time. We're both ready!!

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  1. Hi Gaila and Dick
    Spent time in Whitefish with Lynn in June and up to Logan Pass...still heavy snow to Hidden Lake but saw it is melting out fast now. Thought of Dick and Two Medicine Lake you both enjoy. Highline Trail was closed due to ice and snow but a man hiked it anyway and fell to the road below. So its good it's melting! We really like the area around Dubois and north on the Green River when we were there many years ago. You are being steeped in beauty!