Saturday, July 27, 2013


Joel and Cameron at Avalanche Lake
I'm sitting here at our favorite campground in Glacier National Park. All of Glacier is spectacular, but this place is special. We've been asked to keep it a secret but someone is spreading the word because this time it was packed with campers and unless you arrived early you wouldn't get a space. I've always loved the magnificent views here and the smell of spruce is addicting. 
My brother, Joel, and his son, Cameron, drove from California to camp with us for a week on the west side of the park. Joel traveled here with us in 1978 when he was fifteen years old and loved it so much he's always wanted to return. Now he was sharing it with his son. My parents visited with them for a couple days then began their trip to Michigan. They'd been traveling with us for three weeks.

1978 when Joel traveled with us to Glacier. This was taken on a hike to
Sperry Chalet. (We're the couple next to the ranger in case you didn't know and Joel is kneeling)
Visiting Polebridge for some baked goods before going to Bowman Lake.

Dick and Cameron went on a three day hike. They saw lots of wildlife but the
most exciting was a grizzly swimming about 70 yards away.

Joel hiking on the Highline trail to the Garden Wall. My favorite trail in the park.

Beautiful Bowman Lake
Dick enjoying his favorite place on earth! 
A beautiful view outside our door.

We got our dog fix by offering a few times to watch Allie while her parents did some long day hikes.Can't believe we didn't take a picture of Dick and Nancy too. 

We meet so many people in our travels and always hope to meet some again along the way.

Renee and Jacques from Tucson, AZ. were in the campsite next to ours.  They were a load of fun.
Eva and James from Englewood, FL. are walking 1,000 miles of Montana's CDT. They found out the Bob Marshall Wilderness is on fire so they have to change their plans.

We are heading for Many Glacier tomorrow for awhile before heading home. If all goes as planned we'll be pulling into our driveway mid-August. My parents camped in our driveway  when they arrived in Michigan and my mom said our grass is up to her hips.

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  1. How beautiful that looks! A coworker just got back from Glacier and the pictures were amazing. Enjoy your blog-takes me to places I have never been but would love to some day.