Sunday, May 26, 2013


Our stay at Bryce Canyon National Park was amazing. We timed it right and the weather was perfect. One word to describe this place is - WOW! We were there over Mother's Day and my request was breakfast together at the lodge and for Dick to take a hike. I so enjoyed my 6 hours of alone time and Dick is always up for a hike.
This time my photographer in residence put together a Youtube video of Bryce Canyon and even recorded his own background music.  It's difficult to capture the beauty of this place with photos but it's the next best thing.  CLICK HERE FOR DICK'S PICS  

Before heading into Nevada, we once again visited Mike and Rochelle Schlins at their B & B in Glendale, Utah. It's their busy time with lots of guests, but they made time for us. It's always fun to connect with friends. As soon as we arrived Mike met us at the door and said, "Guess what we bought - an RV!" Were we a good or bad influence on them? They are so excited to sell their B & B business and travel. We made plans to try and meet sometime this summer in the Rockies. 
We're heading to California for a family wedding and chose 
to drive "The loneliest road in America" (Hwy 50) across Nevada. Most of the towns we passed through were former mining towns or relay stations from the Pony Express days. One of the most interesting towns to me was Pioche - a living ghost town. About 900 people live there today, though it had 8,000 people in the 1860's mining boomtown days and during that time it was known as the baddest town in the West; badder than Tombstone, Dodge City and all the rest. We were told it was so bad 72 people died before one died a natural death. Passing through Pioche felt like we were time traveling back to the wild west days. 
Nevada is an interesting state. In some ways it's STILL the wild west. It's very lenient with marriage and divorce proceedings, gambling is legal anywhere and everywhere and the state allows legal prostitution. It was very evident in some of the areas we passed through. Now it's on to California and family time.


**For a few days we were camped next to a heard of these cows. They're called Belted Galloways or the "Oreo Cookie Cows".  


  1. I love the Belted Galloways. There's quite a few herds here in MI. Have you ever seen the Limousin Cattle? They are HUGE and I guess were once used as beasts of burden. I think they are used for meat now. I don't think you'll be seeing one pulling a plow or a wagon. I've never seen such huge cows short of a Buffalo.

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  3. Wow, what beautiful pictures, what beautiful country---wish we could join you. I had to delete the earlier message as I asked if you'd been to Bryce---DUH! I meant Zion. Can't wait to hear all your tales. Miss you!