Monday, May 6, 2013


While visiting Canyonlands and **Arches National Parks, we set up camp outside the parks in BLM or NF campgrounds at $5.00/night (with our Senior Discount Card) and left the mother ship either at dawn or dusk. We'd head into the parks before the crowds to hike and get just the right light for Dick’s Pics. I need not say more about these beautiful parks - a picture is worth a thousand words. Click here for DICK'S PICS.
While in Moab, I received an email (just in time) from friends we met in 2009 in Texas. They knew from my Blog that we were in the Canyonlands area of Utah. They live in Bozeman, MT and traveled to Moab to participate in the 10th Annual Photography Symposium We spent the afternoon together and had a chance to see the incredible photography and hear the keynote speaker. BOB'S PHOTOGRAPHY
A great visit with Bob and Ellie
**I see Arches NP eventually going to a shuttle system like Zion NP. There is so much traffic and sometimes no parking spaces. This is a very popular well-used park. A lot of it has to do with its close proximity to Las Vegas. We see so many rental RV’s in Utah and Arizona. People fly in, pick up their RV and head out to explore all the National Parks. Lots of foreign people too. Dick was hiking to Landscape Arch and passed a guy and said, “Howdy.”  The guy stopped and said, “Wow, you speak English!” 
I just had to share a couple of interesting RV's. We see all kinds!  
Retro boomers own this one
Saw many JUCY VANS.  It's made in New Zealand but you can now rent them in the U.S. 

Not sure what that is on the front of the truck - owned by a fireman?

I find it difficult to be a recycler while traveling. Very few places we camp have recycling bins. If they do it's maybe only for one or two things. It was refreshing to find this recycling wagon at Wahweap National Recreation Area at Lake Powell,  Wouldn't it be wonderful for all National campgrounds to do this? 

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