Friday, September 25, 2009


The best part of our trip to Crater Lake National Park was the Oregon Scenic Byway heading east out of Roseburg. It was much needed after taking traffic congested Interstate 5 from Anacortes. Another remarkable thing about Oregon was they still pump your gas and wash your windshield. Something I hadn't seen in years. 

Touring Crater Lake National Park (Caldera Lake) with my sister and her husband for four days was great. They traveled from Foresthill, CA which was about a seven hour drive for them. The last time the guys had been together was in 1999 when Pat and Kathy and their two kids drove to Henry’s Lake, Idaho when Dick was hiking the Continental Divide Trail. So it was catch up time. Crater Lake is incredible. When I saw this huge deep crater, filled with water of the most beautiful shade of blue, my first expression was “this is amazing.”  It is the deepest lake in the U.S. and is an incredible sight to see. The four of us explored the park by foot and car. Driving in some areas of the park you are right on the edge with no guard rails. It was especially scary driving those two lane roads in the motorhome. We played lots of games, ate lots of food, enjoyed campfire talks and so much more. We vowed to see each other at least once a year from now on. 
On the next leg of our trip we drove two long days to reach the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in Wyoming. Driving east through Oregon and Idaho we  stayed off the expressways as much as we could. Miles of mountainous areas through Oregon leading into flat onion and potato country and then into the mountains again. The aspen trees are a beautiful golden color and are so beautiful among the deep dark green of the pines. 
Just thought you'd like to know, the cats are still with us.


  1. Great photos!! Loved Crater Lake too but felt the same as you did at the lack of guard rails. Just like Pikes Peak, above the timber-line.. Not a good feeling. Glad the katz are still wit. That tortie on the floor looks just like my Tricou. She's one that got 'et after I brought them here and was 12.

    We just got back last night from ME, so have been unable to answer the blog but been thinking of you. Hope to see more photos and hear more stories, of course!! Lv, Katrina

  2. Forgot to add that there was a really, really bad hail storm when I was there and the roads were covered, probably at least 3" deep in hailstones. I've never seen anything like that before or since, so not only were there not guard rails but the road was also very slippery!! There was a heck of a rainbow as we descended too.