Sunday, July 28, 2019


Not much communication from Dick except now and then his texts come through. (I keep pestering him to text me more info for the blog and more people photos). The following is some of what I've received from him: (Photos may not be in order.)

1st day out of Dunsmuir it was very hot. I climbed for about 17 miles and I was just whupped! Lack of sleep and heat convinced me to stop early. Ran into a young Canadian girl from New Brunswick. She said she was ahead of her group and wondered if she could camp with me. She had never camped alone so far on the trail.  I told her I hated to be anti-social but after we set up camp I crawled in my tent and went right to sleep. I was exhausted. I get up in the morning at 4:15 and hike to beat the heat, so I’m sure I’m days ahead of her by now. The next day I met School Bus. He lives in a school bus turned RV with his wife and 5 kids when he’s not on the trail. He grew up in the Yukon. A really nice kid. Everybody's a nice KID out here. I'm the only old fart. 

The trail is really burnt in so many areas, but still very beautiful. It's hot with lots of elevation to deal with. I’m looking forward to Oregon. It’s supposed to be a little more flat. 

July 24 7:18 a.m. - Now I’m in Seiad Valley, California, waiting for my eggs and bacon. I took a bath in the river last night so I wouldn’t smell like a homeless person. The last 12 miles Into town was steep downhill, very bushy and lots of rattlesnakes. The climb out is 8 to 10 miles of Southern exposure with few trees. I'm waiting til late afternoon to leave when it cools down a bit. But I've been able to shower, do laundry, eat twice, get my 1st resupply box at the Post Office, clean my gear, and rest.

I will be here awhile. I am the only one at the campground but I saw a lot of hikers at the cafe. They look hot and miserable with the huge climb out of here to look forward to. One girl told Charlie (the owner who is quite the character) she wouldn't stay here because one of the RVs in his park was flying a Confederate flag. I told him I was a little pissed there was no Irish flag but at least there’s air conditioning and hot showers.

It sure pays to be friendly. When I passed a couple on the trail, I said, “Beautiful day. Sun’s shining, birds are singing, flowers are growing”. That put a smile on their faces and we started talking. When I mentioned you were staying in Chimicum, WA they mentioned they have friends who live there. Can you believe it was our new friends the Wellers? I could have just passed them and never made the connection. 

So far no aches and pains. I'm in better shape than many of these young people with their blisters and assorted issues from long mile days. I sure love my Altra Lone Peaks! Feels like I’m hiking in slippers and my umbrella is a lifesaver in this sun and heat.

I’m sleeping like a baby at night. Sometimes too good. Woke up one morning and found a packrat chewed my shoelace and pack strap. Little bastard.

July 26 - Breakfast in the morning, 5 miles ahead!!

July 27 8 a.m. - At Calahan’s for breakfast. Waitress just said I could have all the pancakes I can physically consume. Filled one leg so far.

At Mile 1741 - Lots of thick smoke. Fire is north of Ashland,OR.  I sure hope I run out of it in a couple days. It's windy, so maybe it will blow away.

So far water is scarce in Oregon - who would have thought!

July 28 - 1:13 p.m. - Sitting next to aqueduct soaking clothes and feet. Having a right foot issue I never had before. Maybe a shin splint. Slowing me a bit. I already have 18 miles in today. I cold-soaked it and that helped a lot. I will doctor it more when I reach Crater Lake. Remember - "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." 
I'm thinking of going to Fish Lake Resort. Free camping for PCT hikers, showers, laundry, FOOD!!

(GAILA) All is well with me. I'm loving my time here in the Pacific Northwest. A beautiful place to be. Weather is perfect. Enjoying friends and everyone here at the RV park is so friendly and helpful. Maggie came to visit once already and we had a wonderful time together.
Blossom Point, one of my favorite spots in this RV park.
So many flowers and birds.
Visited the Marine Science Center with Maggie.
An amazing place. Loved the Octopus most of all.

Kayaking with friends that I met in 2017 at another SKP campground.
They contacted me when they received my blog to say they were in nearby Port Ludlow.
Everytime I take the ferry it's been clear enough to see
the beautiful mountains. Mt. Rainer is amazing.

All is well. 


  1. Wow wow wow. I thought of you both as I traveled by the Tetons and then Rocky Mountain National Park during my 3 weeks in Wyoming and Colorado. Every time I crossed the divide I looked for Dick's footprints.

  2. LOL - Good to hear from you. Email me and tell me what you were doing out in Wyoming and Colorado? The Rockies are beautiful.

  3. Gosh Dickie Bird ! Please be careful !
    We are thinking of you and praying for you to stay safe !
    Wayne & Jane and Evelyn !

  4. Oh what a fun adventure for both of you!

  5. Can't say I'm jealous, Dick. BUT, love your tenacity. Stay safe, and enjoy every minute. Gaila....looks like you have made the very best of your home away from home...making friends and enjoying all your area has to offer!!❤ Enjoy keeping up with your adventures.

  6. Always enjoy the blogs Gaila. Just figured out how to respond. Sounds like you are having fun. Keeping Dick in our thoughts.

  7. You are such interesting folks. Love the blog entries and pictures. Stay safe and keep smelling the roses.

  8. Wonderful to hear from you and pray Dick will heal quickly and keep enjoying each and every moment and you also, Gaila..

    Hugs from Gerry and Ed

  9. Great to hear from you both! The world is right when Dick's on the trail and Gaila's on the road!

  10. Great to hear from you and Dick. Sure sounds like Dick is having a whale of a good time on his hike. I sure like his sense of humour even when the going gets tough. As he always says, keep on smiling... Hugs from Janice

  11. Brilliant hiking adventures!!!!

  12. Still laughing about the pancakes and "filled one leg so far"!!