Thursday, October 6, 2016


We were in Glacier National Park for 5 weeks. During that time Dick hiked close to 300 miles overall. He did one last 5 day backpacking trip in an area he'd never explored before. He discovered a part of the park that is now his favorite called HOLE IN THE WALL.

Dick's campsite at Hole in the Wall with Thunderbird Mtn. in the background.

Our Michigan friends, Fred and Jill Moon, were visiting the park with a Road Scholar group. Before  the activies began they visited us at the campground.

Jill Moon and I walked to see beautiful McDonald Lake

We stayed a week longer than planned while I flew to Seattle to visit Maggie for a few days. Dick stayed behind to take care of BOO. Maggie is well and loves her life in the big city. She was busy with work but I enjoyed whatever time I could get with her.

After my return to Montana it was time to begin migrating south. We were getting lots of rain and we needed sun to recharge our solar panels, plus we were seeing signs of mildew taking over. We traveled on to Yellowstone hoping for sunshine and we found it!!

We enjoyed soaking in the hot springs in the Boiling River north of our campground.
We were surrounded by elk in our campground.
The males were bugling throughout the day and night.

On a drive to Lamar Valley we were fortunate enough to see a pack of wolves.

Dick went on a two day hike in Lamar Valley before we traveled south to the West Yellowstone area.
He had hoped to see more wolves or grizzlies but mostly walked through herds of buffalo.

Lots of traffic jams in Yellowstone. 
...and this was the reason!

While on the west side of the park we hiked the several thermal areas and, of course, watched Old Faithful spout off.

MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT A VIDEO - crowds of people watching Old Faithful

It was getting cold and wet again so we headed south to Grand Tetons National Park. Dick had hoped to hike the Teton Crest but it was raining at the campground and snowing in the higher elevations so we didn't stay long. From Jackson Hole, south to the Flaming Gorge, we saw lots of wildlife - moose, pronghorn, elk and hawks.
Driving through the vast landscapes of the Flaming Gorge (WY and UT) I
imagined the dinosaurs who roamed the land long before humans.

Now we are enjoying the Utah sunshine and heading for Capital Reef, Bryce and Zion National Parks.

More pics:

The elk love the green grass in Mammoth (Yellowstone).

Photo credit: Richard Mallery (A badger spotted on his hike in Lamar Valley)
Dave Hansen knows how to advertise! (Jackson Hole, WY)
Isn't there a law against leaving your frog in the hot car? It's not easy being green!



  1. Gaila, I am delighted that you are doing this again! It is a pleasure to travel with you - provided that you avoid all preDICKaments as you go along. hugs to you both! Jean

  2. We need to travel with you guys. You have so much fun.

  3. This looks like a fabulous trip! Thanks for letting us know about your blog. :)