Thursday, September 4, 2014


We are now back on the road again after a busy couple of months of yard work, house repairs, filling in at a couple jobs and visiting with friends and family. Since we were only home for a short time we never moved out of the motorhome and used our house as our guest house. It worked out great for friends visiting from PA. and another from Germany. We love our beautiful 6 acres with the stream flowing through but we know when we return next spring things will be so much different. A shopping mall is going in at the end of our little rural road and then our road will be widened 11 ft on our side with a new culvert going in where the stream crosses the road. As they say, "That's Progress."

Mackinaw Bridge photo taken from the top of the bridge tower by our niece. Photo credit Lexie Mallery
Our favorite route from our house is along beautiful Lake Michigan, over the spectacular Mackinaw bridge and the straits of Mackinaw and then west across the U.P.  We are again taking Hwy 2 all the way to Glacier National Park in Montana. This is a beautiful relaxing route through little "Yooper" towns. Dick and I both agree how beautiful Michigan is with its lush green forests, many rivers and lakes and spectacular views. We have traveled all across the U.S. and are happy that this is our home.

After the second day on the road, Boo is finally getting used to traveling again, but still feels most secure on one of our laps. 

This past spring while we were in Yellowstone our friend Bob Howell visited us one evening. He was in the park doing night photography and took this photo of our motorhome when he left and surprised us with it. Wanted to share because it's so amazing.


Passing through a small Wisconsin town today we saw a store that sells fireworks called THREE FINGERS FIREWORKS.

This huge billboard along I-35 in Duluth.  Couldn't believe it!!!


  1. Boy, you don't stay put long, do you? Hope you enjoy Glacier in the fall. Lynn says it has been raining in her part of Montana all summer, with very few fires, and snow levels down to Logan Pass. She is off to L.A. with the helicopter for the CA fires....she says TOO MANY PEOPLE. Happy travelling.

  2. I was trying to figure out how you got your motorhome on top of a bridge tower. Then I saw the credits for that spectacular shot. Happy traveling! Norma B

  3. I live vicariously through your blog! Love hearing about your travels. Safe travels! Sue DeLaat Borda