Thursday, May 1, 2014


I enjoyed my stay at the Desert Gardens RV Resort outside of Florence, AZ.  A beautiful time of year to be down here in the desert. There was lots to do and I had no time to get bored while Dick was gone 18 days hiking the AZ Trail.

Besides being close enough to visit with my parents a couple days a week, I met a group of people in the park who played Cribbage and other fun games several evenings a week. I also joined the water aerobics group. I made some lasting friendships. They all wanted to meet Dick when he returned and planned a little dinner get together. I think they were beginning to wonder if I made him up. When he reached the Grand Canyon he took a shuttle back to the Phoenix airport where I picked him up. Driving in that traffic was awful. I'm thankful I don't have to do that every day like most of those people.

The day we planned to leave Desert Gardens, Dick was very ill. We didn't know if it was giardia or food poisoning. He was up all night and not doing well that morning. We had reservations at Deadhorse State Park about 170 miles north in Cottonwood. I drove while he slept on the couch. He was feeling better by the time we got there but slept most of the afternoon. By the next morning he was a new man. Fortunately, it wasn't giardia. Considering all the mud puddles he's drank from, it was a concern even though he purified everything.

John Reid Donahue (cousin) with Nancy Ingalls 
While we were in Cottonwood, a distant cousin of Dick's visited us. (John is Dick's dad's mother's brother's son's son - got that?) He has been following our blog and connected through email.

See the deep cut in the distance? That is where Dick walked to reach the North Rim of the Grand Canyon
I am now camped at the Grand Canyon and Dick left from our campsite Wednesday morning to complete the last leg of he Arizona Trail. He expects to reach the Utah border in about four days. At that point he'll decide if he wants to walk back to me at the Grand Canyon or call it quits and have me drive the motorhome up to meet him. I think it will depend on the weather.

This place is truly a wonder of the world. It makes you stop and realize how truly small you are and that we're just a speck in time. I love the beautiful historical buildings and the beauty surrounding them. Lots of wildlife too. While walking on the rim yesterday, I saw California Condor F-3 and later spotted several elk while riding my bike. This park is biker friendly. This is a wonderful place to be while Dick is hiking but I'm thinking of hanging a sign around my neck that reads "CRIBBAGE ANYONE?"  I got hooked on playing cards with my group of friends at Desert Gardens. Problem is, I may not find anyone that speaks fluent English. There are people from every corner of the world here. Dick calls this the UN of the National Parks.

(Above) At Hermit's Rest, one of my favorite historical areas in the park.

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