Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We found a quiet National Forest campground just outside of Prescott, AZ called White Spar not too far from the historical Whiskey Row.  One morning we drove our car down 89A, a road we were warned to not drive on with the motorhome. We were heading for the little town of Yarnell to meet up with a friend we met several years ago while traveling in New Mexico. It's so easy to make friends while traveling. There's always an opening line - Where are you from? We keep in touch through email and hope to meet again. Most everyone is very friendly. There are exceptions though. I had a strange thing happen to me the other day. We saw a woman riding her bicycle into the state park in the late afternoon and then she set up her tent in a space next to us. When I first saw her riding in on her bike I made the comment that she looked like a homeless person. Then I thought we should never make assumptions. She is probably riding across country on a grand adventure and if she was homeless why would she pay $20.00 for a campsite in a state park. So when I saw her sitting out at her picnic table I decided to walk by and ask if she was on a cross country trip. It was really strange. She slowly turned her head and gave me a long stare and said nothing and then turned back. So then I asked if she spoke English thinking that was why she didn't answer. She again turned slowly and stared at me and then turned back again. She had on large sunglasses so I couldn't really see her eyes. So weird.  So then my imagination starts running wild - she is in hiding and on the run from the law. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Meeting up with Ed Trautwein at the Ranch House in Yarnell

We then headed for Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We had planned to stay a few nights but it wasn't our kind of place - too many RV's crammed in together. Probably because it's right outside of Las Vegas. This park has a 30 day limit in the campgrounds and it looked like people were set up for the full 30 days. It wasn't what we think a National Park should be. From the campground ridge you look down at a huge boat storage building with a lit up parking lot. Then there's also the Hoover Dam which is a huge tourist attraction. I think the best way to explore Lake Mead NRA is by boat. So we traveled north in our land yacht to Valley of Fire, Nevada's first state park. We were told about this beautiful place by some people we met in Florida. That's another thing about traveling. You get all kinds of good traveling information from other campers. The campground said FULL, but we were fortunate to find a site in the open area. After one sleepless night there (Spring break still?), we were fortunate to find a vacant campsite tucked up in among the red sandstone formations where we could see no other campers. The hikes in the park were short but beautiful. Click here to see Dick's Pics: VALLEY OF FIRE 

Enjoying the morning at our campsite in Valley of Fire State Park, NV

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