Saturday, March 16, 2013


Our motorhome leading the way - taken by Janice from her truck

The Ghost Town of Terlingua

Heading west out of Big Bend National Park along the Rio Grande
Contrabando Movie set along the Rio Grande

We left Big Bend National Park passing through the old mining town of Trelingua and following the road along the Rio Grande River through Big Bend Ranch State Park and the border towns of **Lajitas, Redford and Presidio. We were in the lead with Janice and Baloo following. Our plan was to head for Marfa to see the famous Marfa lights. The gas station attendant in Marfa said RVs can park overnight at the Viewing Area.  As we were approaching the parking lot we thought we saw the famous “Pummell.”  Our German friends, Hilo and Sigo were camped there too. I felt very safe parked behind them for the night. No one would bother us with their rig in sight. We stayed awake until around 10 pm hoping to see this strange phenomenon that people come from all over to see. I woke up around 11:15 pm and looked out to see one twinkling light on the horizon that I hadn’t seen before. I woke Dick but he wasn’t impressed saying it was just a porch light or car lights. The next morning Janice was so excited saying there was no doubt she’d seen the lights around 11:30 p.m.  Marfa Lights
Parked at the Marfa Lights Viewing Area with Pummell in the lead
We went through many Border Patrol checkpoints where
dogs were used to sniff our rig for drugs or illegals.
We continued on to Guatalupe National Park and experienced a very windy night. The wind blows quite often in Texas. We asked a man if the wind ever stops blowing in Texas and his answer was, “Yes, just long enough to turn and blow the other direction.”
Janice was worried her 14 ft trailer would blow over. It didn’t help her any when the park ranger said the winds get so bad sometimes they have to close down the mountain pass. They’ve had 18 wheeler trucks get blown over on their sides. She parked between us and another RV to help shield her that night.

Guadalupe Mountains National Monument Campground
The next day we drove on west through the natural break in the Rockies that gives the town of El Paso its name, leaving the big state of Texas and into New Mexico. Our destination was Pancho Villa State Park, in the little village of Columbus.
Janice stayed with us a few more days but she decided she’d better say good-bye and start heading home to British Columbia, Canada. Canadian’s cannot be out of their Province for more than six months or they lose their health insurance and they can only legally be in the United States (a US thing) for six months but don’t ask me why. We hated to see her leave us. We will meet again for sure. 

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